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5 Shades of Grey

We all have different mindsets when it comes to shoes - some say it should match your handbag while others prefer bright colours on their feet for an added touch of personality.

If you’re looking for a pair that could match different outfits, we say why not go neutral? (And that doesn’t mean boring!) Choosing different textures or finishes for your shoes can help create a nice touch, giving your entire outfit a subtle flair.

 We’ve got 5 different shoes that could help give your outfit 5 different personas, read on to learn more!

 1. The Art Chick

Sometimes a little mess is all it takes you spice up your outfit! If you’re a painter or an artist by occupation, then why not wear your passion on your feet? The cute Imogen features splatters of white against the jet black leather of the shoes, making you look like you’ve just tastefully walked into a paint spill. Take about a curated piece of art!


2. The Flashy Social Butterfly

If you like all things bright and flashy, the gunmetal grey Trixie is sure to catch your eye. Let your shoes be the conversation starter for any party - the stylish metallic finish would be the perfect complement to your chatty, flashy personality.


3. The Quirky Fashionista

This particular gem’s not for the unadventurous! Some may question why wear such a bold design on your shoes, we ask “Why Not?” If you’re looking for a little hint of quirk, the Freya would be perfect for you.

Polka dots have lived through all these years of fashion, from the classic red dress seen on the evergreen Minnie Mouse, to the slightly eccentric but highly raved work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama - and is still featured by high couture fashion houses of the world! For a print to stay in trend this long, it has got to be doing something right!


4. The Scandinavian Minimalist

Scandinavian designs range from strong colour blocks against different prints to monotone shades that give just enough visual variation - either way, it’s definitely a trend we LOVE.

Channel this style with the Pebbled Dove Grey Luisa, the textured finish ensures your entire outfit gets that subtle touch of detail without drawing too much attention. But the best part is that this pair would most probably go with just about anything you throw on! The muted grey shade makes it easy to match and is highly versatile.


5. The Classy Professional

Black is most commonly associated with class and sophistication; how about kicking that up just a notch with our embossed Valentina? With its all black finish and scale-embossed texture, this pair speaks elegance through and through.

Let your shoes command your presence in the office - perfect for the boss-lady in all of us.

There are a few essentials that every girl needs in her wardrobe - basic tops, a go-to dress, a pair of comfortable boyfriend jeans..and last but not least, neutral accessories or shoes! A few neutral elements can go a long way in completing your outfit, giving it that slight edge, yet not overpowering the other pieces of clothing you have on. The best part about these colours, however subtle, is that they’re capable of letting you exude a certain sense of identity, even without you realising.

For the full range of our shoes, whether you like to keep it neutral or go crazy on the colours, drop by our website!