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Forget superstitions. Shoes make the best gifts and here’s why.

If you’ve grown up in Asia or have been around long enough, you’ll know about the taboo of giving shoes as gifts. (Fun fact: It’s not just a Chinese superstition, the Thais and Koreans believe it too!) It’s supposed to jinx a break up or separation between you and the recipient, metaphorically making someone ‘walk away’.

Superstitions aside, shoes make great gifts, especially when you want to express your sincerity to your loved ones. Who else other than the closest ones around you would know your shoe size, or actually bothered to find that out? That alone is a plus point. Besides, there are 4 major reasons why you should toss those shoe-perstitions out the window.


1. It’s practical

Sure, scented candles and funny mugs make great feel-good festive gifts. But six months down the road, they’ll end up on the far corner of a shelf collecting dust. If you’re looking for a useful gift that could actually benefit her, get a pair of shoes that’s versatile enough for different occasions and styles.


  • 2. Girls love shoes

  • There’s no other way around it. A girl can never have enough shoes. Period. There are just so many different styles to explore and the possibilities are so exciting! Each pair of shoes is a statement of her mood and a clue to what she has set out to do that day. Are the clothes or the shoes the deciding factor in her OOTD? Pick a pair that fits with her favourite outfits. Voila! Best gift of the year.

    3. It’s romantic

    If you’re looking to sweep her off her feet, imagine this: Sit her down, go down on your knee and put on the shoes for her. Make sure you do it real slow and smooth! And how about slipping in a handwritten card that says I’d like to walk this journey with you. Talk about turning on the charm!


  • 4. It’s easy on the wallet

  • One crucial part of gift shopping is about keeping tabs on your budget. After all, you can’t bust all your savings on one gift. You’d want to get something that’s cost-effective yet not too shabby.

  • Go for good quality that’s still affordable - shoes that can take the toll of daily wear and still stay absolutely chic; looks plenty expensive but actually not a problem for gifting all the ladies in the house. That’s how you hustle your way through the festive seasons.