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Beyond The Classroom


Shawn Soh

A two-part series dedicated to some of our passionate educators who strives to teach & conduct learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

In an age where education is constantly evolving, it's refreshing to see educators who embrace change and take learning to new heights. These trailblazers are not content with merely delivering lessons; they're dedicated to inspiring, nurturing, and igniting the spark of curiosity within their students.

We’re joined in conversation with Shawn Soh: Design Lecturer, Lasalle College of The Arts.

Shawn is wearing the 247 Sneakers, Mono in White.

You had a little break from teaching & now you’re back at it - what do you love most about teaching

I love design. I love meeting new people. I love sharing stories. I love the idea of empowering others. Teaching brings all that into one place. I am honestly so glad to be back at it!

Why did you decide to teach?

The opportunity to teach at Lasalle actually came after speaking to someone at an alumni social event.

She was sharing about how she moved back from London and then shortly after started her teaching journey. She told me that teaching would be a good fit for me, encouraged me to give it a go and then connected me to a friend. A couple months later I started my first day in Lasalle. Funny how life changing opportunities can just come from one meaningful conversation. Thank you Jesvin! You were absolutely right!

"I believe that my job as a teacher is
to help students find their own voice,
not impose my own."

Some challenges you faced as a teacher and how you overcame them. 

I found that my students are always asking if their design choices are “right” or “wrong”.

Although it is natural for students to want validation, I believe that my job as a teacher is to help students find their own voice, not impose my own. I find that asking questions that gets students to become more introspective is one way to help them become more independent and confident in their own uniqueness.

"Teaching has allowed me to speak to
my younger self and be the role model
I never had growing up."

At this stage of your career, what does teaching mean to you? How have your views on teaching changed over the years?

It was challenging growing up in Singapore with a dream to work in the creative arts.

My peers would rationalise how working in the creative industry has “no future” and would not make me rich as an adult. The journey I took was challenging to say the least. It was lonely and I had my fair share of failures and mistakes. But I have learnt so much from it. I believe that being rich doesn’t have to be money. It can be the joy from doing the things you love.

Quite poetically, I feel like teaching has allowed me to speak to my younger self and be the role model I never had growing up. I am like an alchemist, turning the bad experiences I had and using it for good by changing it into positive learning outcomes. I absolutely love my job as a teacher. It brings me so much joy and meaning to the stage of my life/career.

Would you say that you're on your feet a lot on a daily basis?

I hustle multiple jobs outside of teaching. I run a graphic design practice, an influencer, and a social media consultant. So this means I am on the go a lot.

What would you describe to be a good pair of shoes?

I believe a good pair of shoes is both comfortable and stylish! 

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