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Making a Difference.

Make Good Do Good.

There is power in where you spend your money. Anothersole as business wants to do a social good. 10% of our profit goes to feeding children, building sustainable communities and supporting their future.

We can make a difference.
Make Good Do Good.

The Problem

Each year almost seven million children die

There are 66 million school-added kids in developing countries who attend school on an empty stomach. The body compensates for the lack of energy by slowing down its physical and mental growth activities.

Deprived of the right nutrition, hungry children are especially vulnerable and become too weak to fight off diseases and may die from common infections like measles and diarrhoea.

A hungry mind cannot concentrate, a hungry body does not take initiative, a hungry child loses all desire to play and study.

*(Source: Levels and Trends in child mortality, IGME, 2012) /

What Are We Doing About It?

10% of our profit is pledged towards solving this.

We aim to feed children, build sustainable communities and support their future.

Anothersole feed fund will be used for the buying of food supplies and funding sustainability for underfunded orphanages, building sustainable communities for children to thrive and qualified missions with a school feeding operation. We work with charities already functioning towards the goal of benefiting the kids directly.

Please note we are not asking for donations nor are we representing ourselves as a charity. We are a private social business who wants to pay it forward by first selling a great product.

Our Goal

With your help and support we want to reach the point where we are able to contribute $1,000,000 annually towards feeding hungry children, building sustainable communities and supporting their growth.

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