About Anothersole

At our core, we want you, our customer, to feel good about the decisions you are making by choosing Anothersole. We know that you care about more than just looking good - that’s why we’re committed to making sure each pair of shoes has a wider impact. We want you to be proud of your purchase. 

For each pair sold, Anothersole will use a portion of the proceeds to feed a child that would otherwise go hungry. It’s a small difference that we’ve wanted to make for a long time. While we’re at it, let’s talk about the footprints these shoes will leave behind. Not the ones on the pavement, the trail or the beach, but the ones on the planet. Because we use 100% natural products, our line has a smaller environmental impact than our rivals. It’s just another little way that we’ve worked to ensure that you only make the marks you choose.

We’ve given our range a versatility that few can match. What you choose to do with our shoes is up to you. Wherever your drive takes you, you’ll make your mark on the world in style and comfort with Anothersole.