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Making a difference, one child at a time
There is power in where you spend your money. Anothersole is a business that does social good. 10% of our profits go to feeding children and building sustainable communities in which they can thrive.

We can make a difference in the world beyond business.

Make Good Do Good.


Each year almost seven million children die

Imagine going to school hungry, like 66 million children across the developing world do. Their poor nutrition stunts their physical and mental development, leaving them weak, unfocused and susceptible to sickness and disease.

A hungry mind and body simply cannot flourish. It's an injustice that needs our attention and action.

*(Source: Levels and Trends in child mortality, IGME, 2021) / www.wfp.org)


10% of our profits go to children

We actively serve children in need around the world.

Anothersole's fund goes to supplying orphanages with food, funding certified school feeding programs and building sustainable communities in which children can thrive.


$1 Million dollars toward feeding hungry children and supporting their growth through sustainable communities.

Walk the good path with us as we make good and do good, beyond business.