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We use the finest materials to create timeless
essentials at honest prices and help children in need. 

Made with premium leathers from the world's finest tanneries,
our shoes are incredibly luxurious & light to wear.

Using only the best materials

We stitch our soft leathers directly onto the flexi-rubber soles which makes it super soft and flexible, just like gloves on your feet. 

As they can be flat packed, you save plenty of space for shopping! 

Explore a new city on foot or shop the entire day - our sports footbed will cushion your feet gently.

We believe we have an incredible product which is effortlessly stylish and super comfortable to wear. 

Weighing only 280g, it’s really quite perfect for travel.

You’re getting the best quality.

You’re getting the best quality at the very best price. How do we do it? We are an ecommerce company with a very lean cost model. We design in-house, work directly with producers and avoid middlemen costs.

What does this mean to you?

· Experience a high quality product using premium materials.
· Save money with honest prices below US $100.
· Feel at ease with our free worldwide shipping returns guarantee*. 

Making a difference

We dedicate 10% of our revenue towards the goal of feeding hungry children, building sustainable communities and supporting their growth.

Our Mission


Its not enough that we are producing great products at great prices,
we also need to be contributing to helping a cause that is close to our hearts. 

Join us on this endless path of giving back to hungry children. 

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