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Size Guide

It is important to find your perfect fit. Here are some helpful steps to size your Anothersole.

  • Our shoes are medium-width and run true to size.
  • If your shoe size varies (i.e. sometimes you're a 7, sometimes you're an 8) we recommend sizing up
  • Ensure there's ~1cm of toe room.  
  • If your width exceeds the shoe width by 1.5cm, size up.
  • Initial fit may feel snug for some wearers with wider feet, it will stretch to fit you perfectly after a few wears.

  • Here's how you can measure your foot in 2 minutes:




    Step 1

    1. Tape down an A4 paper on the floor and against a wall.
    2. Place one foot on the paper, heel against the wall.
    3. Use a flat ruler to mark the longest point of your foot on the paper.
    4. Keep the ruler straight, avoid using pen/pencil due to its girth.
    5. Mark out the widest part of your foot, instep & outstep.
    6. Measure length from wall to toe, both markings for width. 
    7. Repeat on the other foot.

    Step 2

    1. Use your longer foot's measurements if needed.
    2. Refer to our size chart below.
    3. Choose the size which allows ~ 1cm (2/5 inch) of extra length.
    4. Check your width.
    5. Size up if your width is exceeds 1.5cm (7/12 inch)

    FAQ on sizing & fit:-

    Does it have to be exactly 1cm (2/5 inch) for toe space?

    Based on our decades of experience, with 0.8cm to 1.5cm of toe space, the shoes should fit comfortably. 

    Do ensure your foot's width does not exceed the correlating size width by more than 1.5cm. We'll recommend you to size up if your foot is on the wider spectrum. 

    If you have questions, reach us at customerservice@anothersole.com or FB Messenger.

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