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  • Ryu (Men) - White
  • Ryu (Men) - White
  • Ryu (Men) - White
  • Ryu (Men) - White
  • Ryu (Men) - White
  • Ryu (Men) - White

Ryu (Men) - White

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  • E07F840D-0C32-44EC-AC03-99400EC76B6A Created with sketchtool. Made with 100% LWG gold-certified Portuguese bovine leathers.
  • RYU - White is great for those wanting a unique yet staple pair. Boasting a fiercely cool dragon motif, this version has a distressed finish, adding a touch of vintage appeal.
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  • 100% LWG gold-certified leathers from Portugal
  • Supportive, ergonomic sports footbed - 20% made from castor bean oil
  • Comfortable, suede-like footbed lining made of recycled PET material
  • Functional backstrap at the heel made of recycled PET
  • Durable recycled PET laces
  • Recycled rubber outsoles
  • Weighs 600g
  • Contrasting color accents
  • Clean, minimalist curves at the back heel

6FB43143-38F7-4857-B510-2BFD1B60C5BE Created with sketchtool. Care Guide

Anothersole Care Tips
care guide
Wear hidden socks with your shoes to help absorb moisture.
Spray a coat of clear leather protector evenly but sparingly to protect against water marks and liquid stains.
Wipe away the grime and yucky stuff regularly. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt. For suede and nubuck, use rubber eraser.
Our footbed can be removed for a wipe down as well. Please do so as our feet can sweat alot!
If you feel it's sticky when you wear them, it's time for a clean. You may choose to apply some talcum powder inside the shoes.
We know you will love the shoes but please give them the day off to allow them to air out. Like us, our shoes need tender loving care too.
Never store damp or wet shoes in enclosed spaces.
Never wash your leather shoes but if it does get wet in the rain, allow it to dry naturally by first removing the footbed. You may also insert some paper into the shoes to help absorb moisture.
Never use artificial heat or direct sunlight to fasten the drying process as it may damage the leather.

Hardy outside.
Cozy inside.

Our all-new 247 Sneaker gets it: Comfort matters, even to the boys. That’s why it’s been ergonomically fitted with sports footbeds for greater comfort, and lab-tested for durability. Coupled with its sleek design and unmatched versatility, the 247 Sneaker will rock any occasion – all-day, everyday.

Hardy outside.
Cozy inside.

Our all-new 247 Sneaker gets it: Comfort matters, even to the boys. That’s why it’s been ergonomically fitted with sports footbeds for greater comfort, and lab-tested for durability. Coupled with its sleek design and unmatched versatility, the 247 Sneaker will rock any occasion – all-day, everyday.

Meet your new wardrobe favorite.

  • Timeless style

    Matches any outfit you choose.

  • No break-ins needed

    Enjoy comfort from the very first wear.

  • Ergonomic support

    Walk all day without the discomfort.

  • Sustainably made

    Crafted with LWG-certified leathers and recycled materials.


Affordable quality

Enjoy superior design and craftsmanship, without the hefty price tag. Our kicks have gone through a rigorous 6-month R&D process, and are made using fine European leathers and other premium materials.


Comfort from the get-go

Forget break-ins – it’s instant chemistry from the first wear. What’s more, our kicks get more comfortable with wear as the leather adapts to the contours of your feet, molding itself into the perfect fit.


Supported strides

Fitted with superior footbeds, which provide great cushioning to minimize the strain on your feet. These ergonomic footbeds hold their shape even with heavy daily usage, and can be removed for easy maintenance.


Luxuriously furnished

Designed to feel like a warm embrace from heel to toe. Our kicks are decked out with padded shoe collars and outsoles for superior cushioning and support. Plus, our footbeds and inner linings are woven from smooth rPET material to feel like satin on skin.


Crafted with our planet in mind

We only use LWG-certified leathers, from manufacturers who adopt environmentally friendly waste management practices. Plus, our footbed lining, inner shoe lining, shoe laces and backstrap are woven using rPET material from recycled plastic bottles. To reduce the plastic content in our kicks, 20% of our signature footbed is also made from castor bean oil.


Never goes out of style

A classic that’ll always be in trend. Our kicks boast a sleek, understated aesthetic, making it a wardrobe essential for any get-up you have in mind.


Designed for everyday use

Refined through intensive lab tests for greater durability. Our superior leather uppers, rubber outsoles and stitching will ensure lasting quality, even with 24/7 usage.


What’s the difference between The Anytime Flats and the 247 Sneakers?

Well, for a start, they’re completely different silhouettes. The Anytime Flats is a slim, lightweight, ultra-flexible pair of oxfords that’s great for both work and casual wear.

The 247 Sneaker is a sturdier pair of street-style casual shoes that’s luxuriously padded to be more comfortable, more supportive and more durable than your average sneaker.

While both are made from the quality leathers we’re known and loved for, and fitted with our signature ergonomic sports footbeds, they’re completely different styles. Both deserve a place in your shoe-drobe!

What’s so special about the 247 Sneakers?

The 247 Sneakers are made from genuine, high quality cow leather unlike other sneakers which are typically made of PU leather. Comfortable from the get-go with no break-ins needed, these kicks will also get more comfortable with wear, as the leather warms up and molds to the shape of your feet.

The 247s are also a highly sustainable pair of shoes. The leathers are sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) gold-certified suppliers; linings and laces are made from recycled plastic bottles; and 20% of the footbeds are made from plants. It’s purpose and function in one good pair.

Do you offer returns and exchanges?

Yes! We offer 30-day returns or exchanges for all orders. Simply head to any of our retail stores within the validity period and our friendly staff will assist you.

​If I buy during the pre-sale, when will I receive my shoes?

Customers that buy the 247 Sneakers during pre-sale will have their orders fulfilled in late December. This is because our shoes are still in production in our factories and we didn't want to artificially speed up production as it will impact product quality.

As there are limited stocks in our first bath of 247 Sneakers and styles might not come back, we highly recommend you sure your 247s during pre-launch. If there are sizing issues, you have 30-days from receiving your shoes to exchange them for any item. Happy Shopping!

We are a business that gives back.

Feed a child with every purchase

  • Donation: 10% of profit
  • Goal: Give $1M to children in need

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